The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at POSTECH consists of five departments: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Convergence IT Engineering, Semiconductor Engineering, and Graduate School of Information Technology.

The School is dedicated to education and research on various technologies that are essential to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With world-class faculty and top-performing undergraduate and graduate students, as well as administrative staff, our school strives to provide the best education and research services.

We are preparing for the ongoing digital transformation and the upcoming age of artificial intelligence to enhance future national competitiveness, and the most crucial aspect of this effort is fostering core talent. Our school is producing world-class educational and research results and making every effort to continue to do so.

The graduates of our department are not only representatives of our university but also national representatives of Korea. They are proud of their top-notch technological skills and will compete with the world, leading the future of Korea. Following the university’s founding philosophy of “Fostering Future Global Leaders through Excellent Education,” we ask for your encouragement and support in observing our school, which is dedicated to fostering the best talent.

Thank you.

Dean, School of EECS
Young-Joo Suh
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